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Marta Kacprzak
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Objectivity at the Global Azure Bootcamp again!

What is it? Global Azure Bootcamp

When? Saturday 25th April, 2015

Where? Everywhere… absolutely everywhere!


If you ask friends and colleagues what they want from their working life, you’ll probably hear a range of answers. Most will say money, satisfaction and so on, but one answer that crops up more and more is when people say “I want to feel like I made a difference”. It is a noble idea, the thought that the work we do could touch others or somehow make life better for us all.

Now, with that in mind, try to join the dots between the fight against breast cancer, which is the second most common cancer around the world, and a group of willing developers in 190 countries around the world joining together for one day. Any ideas?

The Global Azure Bootcamp  is a concept that is so simple but so brilliant at the same time. It is the kind of thing that you hear about and kick yourself saying “Why didn’t I think of that!” That’s because the Bootcamp is one of those rare events where everyone taking part can not only learn a little but also know that they have done something exceptional.

Intrigued? You should be!

The Global Azure Bootcamp is a way to use the power of cloud computing and mass cooperation to both give people experience and training in developing and data analysis, as well as tackling some of the world’s most fundamental issues. To do this, they get together a team of willing computer heroes for one day, all around the world, and simultaneously crunch the numbers to try and make a big change. This year the chosen issue was breast cancer. Mass development, big compute, huge clouds of data… and the hope of a big breakthrough.

It is an event that Objectivity loves both from both the nerdy technical side and from the social aspect, which is why we have been one of the organisers for the Wrocław team for the last few years. Łukasz Gąsior, one of our bright minds, was heading up the Wrocław effort, assisted by Paweł Lukasik, Mirek Praglowski and Tobiasz Koprowski.

We just want to say well done to all those who took part and to say that we will be back next year to take on another challenge—whatever it may be!

If you want to support or find out about it on Twitter, check out their feed at @AZUGFR or try the hashtag #GlobalAzure for the latest news.