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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
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Passing The Test

What is it all about? The Polish Testing Cup 2015

Where and when? Wrocław Stadium, 11-13 May, 2015

If you want to test yourself against the best, you need to stick your neck out and compete. If, for example, you were an under-privileged high school in America and you wanted to see if your underwater robot was a match for the might of MIT, you’d probably enter the annual Marine Advanced Technology Education Center’s Remotely Operated Vehicle Competition. And, if you want to watch a ridiculously uplifting movie about that – which will appeal to both the fixer and developer in you – follow this shameless plug and check out the film Spare Parts.

In Poland, if you want to test your IT mettle against the best, you need to take part in the Testing Cup. This annual event, run since 2013, is the national championship for testers—and only the very best take part. According to the organisers “The formula of the Championship is to test an application based on provided specifications. What counts are the number of identified bugs, their severity and the quality of reporting”. In layman’s terms, that means find as many bugs as you can!

2015 was our third run at the event and every year our teams are climbing higher up the leaderboard.

For the latest edition we entered a team, which included some of star performers from previous editions of the Cup, consisting of Robert Kalina, Krzysztof Jadczyk and Przemyslaw Radon. We also had one tester, Patryk Hemperek, taking part in the individual competition for the first time.

And the result? We are proud to say that Patryk placed 4th in the individual category. Imagine what that actually means… in a country with a population of 38.5 million people, one of our number is 4th.

And it wasn’t just the testing where we proved ourselves to be among the elite. A big part of the weekend are presentations and keynote talks from some of the top influencers in the country. We were invited to lead two sessions in the main auditorium, which were:

–   “From zero to hero, that is how we learn automated testing and performance Objectivity.” with Tomek Bien and Bartek Bugajny.

–  “Measuring performance from the user perspective in web applications. Selenium and TeamCity as a support Jmeter in benchmarks “, presented by Tomek Fajks and Rafal Szkudlarek.

It is moment like that when we sometimes look back at where we have come from and how fast. It is not so long ago that we were a handful of IT bods trying to do things differently, building a name for ourselves locally. Now, just a few years later, our employees are getting recognition at a national level and we are asked to share what we know with others. It’s a humbling thought and a hell of a journey!