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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
Communication Guild Master/Head of Communication
Great work supported by great people.

Integrity x Agility + Excellence = Success

What was it? A key note speech by two of our beloved HR Tribe

Where?  Warsaw Recruitment Days

Some might say it is foolhardy to share the secrets of your success with others. And, while we are sure that the almost 400 exceptional employees we have are a sign of great recruitment, we know that sometimes you have to let others know about the good things you are doing. That is why we were delighted to send two of our HR angels, Adrianna Kołosowska-Ryżewska and Monika Gorzelak-Bieńko, to the Warsaw Recruitment Days event  in February. Speaking alongside other key note speakers, like GoldenLine and Oracle, our ladies gave their presentation on “How to recruit IT talent”.

It seems so simple: surely you just find a talented computer nerd and they will be fine, right? Not so much. For us, being excellent is just one factor in the kind of person we want to recruit.

What some companies seem to miss is that before you know the kind of people you want to employ, you need to know yourself first. This is where company values come in. Of course, most companies have their values clearly outlined—but they tend to be hanging in dusty frames on the wall rather than being used in everything the company does, from top to bottom and on a daily basis.

At Objectivity we try to live our values. We use them every day in how we treat both customers and employees. We also recruit through our values–and that was the core of our ladies’ presentation. Ada and Monika broke these down into 4 key elements.

If the candidate meets these 4 values, there is a good chance they fit with the company. If the candidate lives these values, it is a sure-fire sign of a great match. The areas the ladies spoke about were:

People – We live our values. We want others to live them with us. All employees, whether current or future, need to have the same mind-set and attitudes to life and work, to create an atmosphere that feels just right. This is why 50% of our new employees are recommended by their friends who already work with us.

Integrity – We are as honest with the candidate as we are with each other. We give an accurate representation of the company and provide honest and detailed feedback. We all value integrity in others. In fact, more often than not, we see that candidates who aren’t successful the first time take the constructive feedback away, work on it, and then apply again after 6 months.

Excellence – Our employees are well-trained and constantly developing. We give candidates the tools to improve their network and skills. But we are not telling people to just work on their weaknesses; we start out by giving them and a brand new copy of Strengths Finder to help them pinpoint what they are best at. We want people to be absolutely brilliant at things they already have an attitude for, not force them to bring their D grades up to a C+ (or perhaps even a C++).

Agility – We believe in a flexible process. Just like running a project, we vary our approach and evolve our interviewing techniques depending on the circumstances and the role. And we are ready to be surprised, so candidates should not be shocked if they interview for one role and are offered another if we see a different talent shining through.

After the presentation our girls fielded a host of questions before exiting stage left with to a large round of applause. And we applaud them too, for spreading our values and sharing the good things we do. Thanks ladies.

Do you have the same values as us? Perhaps you’d be interested in working with us. Have a look at our website and get in touch.