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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
Communication Guild Master/Head of Communication
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Christmas Party in Objectivity!

At Objectivity, we work hard. That said, we also love our people to play hard given any reasonable excuse! As 2014 came to an end, the 300+ strong Objectivity team, were invited to give the offices a miss on Friday the 12th December. Instead, they were asked to go to Zaklete Rewiry, a converted warehouse with many rooms varying in size from huge to cosy! A great venue for our Christmas celebration!

We started the day with a light hearted business focus and six of our brave colleagues (Lukasz Olczyk, Marta Bech, Julia Orlowska, Paweł Slowikowski, Kuba Petrykowski and Kuba Drzazga) presented TED talks to the assembled audience. The topics ranged from how Happiness is Easy, to IT Woman. Well received, and filmed for later additional viewing, the speakers gave it their all. Kuba Drzazga even danced on stage to help the viewers understand his passion!

Before the party continued, the ever-expanding team had a short lunch time to relax and recharge, with a buffet consisting of endless plates of fresh sushi and, of course, pierogi. It just wouldn’t be a Polish party without pierogi!

Now the technical and essential bits were out of the way, it was time for the team building tasks. We split into 15 groups of 20 members. Our task? To build a vehicle fit for Santa. The teams had to buy the materials, make the vehicle and decorate it, kit it out with gifts for the children who made it onto the “Nice” list (children from the local orphanage that we often support!) and write them some wintery fairy tales. Of course, Santa may ride these vehicles, but not without an outfit. The teams also had to make Santa Claus look suitably festive and find him some clothing to really make him look the part. Objectivity made a pledge that the winning team could donate 10000 PLN to a charity of their choice. The final part of the challenge was the distance the sleigh travelled after being released from the top of a gentle snowy mountain slope (well, a plywood ramp actually!).

The teams worked tirelessly, and produced some incredibly creative vehicles (including one modelled on a pirate ship and one with it’s own steel bath on board!). It’s fair to say that we’ve never seen so much tinsel and so many fairy lights on so many sleighs before! However, only one team could win. A breathless silence fell over the watching crowd as the sleigh from Wojciech Zawila and his team rolled down the slope and continued almost out of sight (about 4 metres really) and secured themselves first place in the competition. They chose to donate their winnings to the orphanage in Katy Wrocławskie. A worthwhile cause. We’re sure the money will be put to great use.

Teambuilding over, we had some time to eat, relax, regroup and get refreshed. At 8 PM, a live band got on stage and played music, the bars opened, and the games rooms were revealed. We partied hard and the final revellers left the building at  4 AM. Everyone was given the opportunity to play foosball, table tennis, darts, take endless photos in a photo booth, with costumes, and dance with each other. There was even an artist who drew caricatures of the party goers. Rewers, the band, and a DJ made sure the entertainment was non-stop. Apparently, there was some alcohol with a free bar as well!

We certainly had a great Christmas party, we hope you also had a wonderful Christmas, and have started 2015 with as much energy as we have!