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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
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Objectivity boosts WrotQA turnout – twice!

Here, at Objectivity, we try our hardest to host a great event. With our company parties being the talk of the office, it was only a matter of time before we shared the fun with others in the fast-growing IT community here in Wrocław.

On the 16th of July, at 18:00, over 130 testers from Wrocław came to join us at the first WrotQA event hosted by Objectivity. The biggest WrotQA event in history!

WrotQA is the Wrocław Testing and Quality Assurance group.They’ve been encouraging the city’s testers to get together on a monthly basis since the end of 2013. In July, we offered to host the event.

To show our hospitality, we offered an all you can eat bbq, with 2 chefs on hand to make sure the food was cooked to perfection, and a large range of soft-drinks. Two tents were erected in the backdrop of Objectivity’s offices at West Forum in Wrocław’s Technology Park. Organised by Ania Kościelna and Kasia Kubat-Eijeriks, from our HR team, it went so successfully that we’ve been asked to host the next event in August too.

So, what do these events involve?

Firstly, there was a presentation from our testers at Objectivity, the same  one that was well received at the Testing Cup. This was followed by a discussion panel about testing methodolgies and strategies. We split the attendees into 8 groups who, with the help of a member of the Objectivity testing team, were to present their ideas on 8 topics which were chosen by the attendees during their registration to the event. The whole event was moderated by Michał Stryjak, Objectivity Test Manager.

The eight topics that were picked were:

1. What should testers deal with at the beginning of each sprint when there is not yet anything to test?

2.  Manual tests – Outdated or current?

3. Automatic exploratory tests

4. Tester as developers and developers as a testers.

5. Do test-cases in Agile team make sense?

6. Testers as bottlenecks in sprint

7. Regression tests and sprints

8. Automatic tests and sprints

This part of the event was wonderful, we just couldn’t get the testers to stop talking. So many ideas were flying around that, in the end, we had to extend the time allocated for this part not once, but twice!

And so, with stomachs full and heads brimming with new ideas, the evening drew to an end. But we couldn’t leave it there. At the beginning we hosted a lottery, and in the end we gave out some prizes to a lucky set of individuals.

There were 5 winners who won a copy of Strengths Finder, an Objectivity usb drive an Objectivity lanyard, a WrotQA cup, and a big bag of sweets. Strengths Finder is a book we give to our employees to help them identify and make the very best of their strengths. It’s a great development tool in both work and everyday life, which fits our work-life balance philosophy.

The three most engaged attendees in the discussion won “Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams”, and t-shirts with WrotQA logo, and seven ‘runners up’ also won a WrotQA t-shirt.

So, what did we want to get from this event, and what were the results?

We asked Ania Kościelna, from the HR department, for her thoughts on how it went: “Our mission for the event was to allow testers to share knowledge. It really was fantastic seeing everyone engaging with each other and talking in-depth about something they are clearly so passionate about. We really didn’t expect such a large turnout, so it was great to see how interested people were in coming to an event that we hosted.”

It was such a success that we did it all again in August. We kicked off the event with two presentations. The first was about ways to automate testing of mobile applications.