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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
Communication Guild Master/Head of Communication
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A PM in 3 steps – i.e. where Objectivity takes its Project Managers from

A candidate applying for the position of a Project Manager in Objectivity needs to go through three stages:

1.            An interview preceded by a phone call.

2.            An Assessment Centre

3.            Induction supported with PM Survival Kit

In detail, it looks as follows:


Candidates, who have sent us their CVs and meet our core requirements (described in the job offer; requirements section), are asked to spend a little time on the phone interview. After a few days from the call, we invite selected candidates to a meeting with the Head of Projects and an HR Business Partner. This may take place at our Head Office (ul. Strzegomska 142a in Wrocław) or in case of candidates from distant locations we can conduct an interview remotely e.g. via Skype. This 1- 1,5 h meeting is first and foremost an opportunity for a candidate to learn more about us and then decide if our job offer is what they are looking for. There are only a few key questions from us while the rest of that time is for a candidate to ask questions to us and to find out as much as they like about Objectivity.


Approximately 2 weeks after the meeting we invite selected people to the final stage of the recruitment process – an Assessment Center session (AC). What exactly is AC?  This is a roughly 7 hour session, during which the participants act in the role of PMs in real business situations – creating project plans, working with a technical team and building  client relationships. We are one of only few companies who do not test candidates’ stress-resistance during their AC. On the contrary, we try to minimise this by giving the candidates beforehand all necessary  information on the subject which they may expect during the session. Candidates do not compete with each other; we are willing to take on everyone who shows the skills we are searching for. Moreover, to make sure that candidates won’t starve while working all day, we take good care of them by providing some lunch and desert  to reward their hard work. A few days after AC, everyone who took part in it, receives feedback from the assessors about their strengths and potential areas for development.


This is where the recruitment process ends and we can welcome our new PMs to the company. From the very first day our new employees are snowed under all essential information: about the company, who is who in the company, what the Heads look like, what agile means to us, how to sign up for training courses, how to fill in timesheets or where and on which day you can grab some sweets, nuts or fruit. In short, everything that is needed to start a new job on a fast-track to satisfaction and success. Then we introduce new employees to their project teams; a group of most important people for each PM, and show them to their working place – desk, laptop computer, phone and even chair. This is where the organizational induction ends and Mentor takes over together with large group of people from Head of Projects department. Their readiness to offer a helping hand and share experience is invaluable to all workers starting their adventure with Objectivity. The entire essence of induction of our PMs can be found in “Project Management Handbook, also known as “PM Survival Kit”, which is certainly worth reading.

And here they are – Project Managers – ready for challenge 🙂