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Windows Azure Bootcamp

Windows Azure BootcampŁukasz Gąsior, Developer Team Leader in our company, co-organizes the second local edition of Global Windows Azure Bootcamp in Wroclaw, the worldwide event taking place on March, 29th this year at our office. You can read more about this initiative at To cut a long story short, it is a workshop organized on the same day by various developer communities worldwide.

Last year the event was hosted at approximately 90 locations around the world and amazingly enough, we were the only Polish representative. The 2014 edition promises to be more Polish oriented as Warsaw and Szczecin have already joined as well. Even though this undertaking is organized globally, the individual workshops are run by the local communities defining the form and plan on their own.

Łukasz organizes Wrocław edition with his fellow developers Paweł Łukasik, Mirek Pragłowski and Tobiasz Koprowski. The three of them will not only deal with the organisational part but are also responsible for delivering some of the main presentations. The workshop will be held in the main conference room at our offices and there is space for 40 people. Objectivity is the main sponsor and patron of Windows Azure in Wrocław.

The speakers will talk about ServiceBus and Media Services, they will show how to manage Azure without a mouse and will present several Tips&Tricks for Azure SQL. Similarly to previous edition, a “Superfarm Experiment” will be conducted, Azure’s performance test starting by the participants all over the world at the very same time:). Last year all locations rendered 3D films. It turned out that we have enormous computational power and this year it will be utilized for research into diabetes. All seats are taken however for all interested, we’ll post an update after the event.