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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
Communication Guild Master/Head of Communication
Great work supported by great people.

Christmas celebration a la Objectivity

Christmas celebration a la Objectivity

No other company celebrates Christmas like Objectivity. It’s a tough job organizing a party to remember but we think we’ve got the recipe just right.

Firstly our master chefs Marta Kacprzak (Communications Manager) and Peter Brookes-Smith (group MD), sat together and looked at the available ingredients; creative people, a world-class city in the form of Wroclaw and a serious desire to have fun. Of course, you always have to consider general ambience and surroundings. We needed somewhere spacious, with a magical interior, clandestine recesses, a large conference room and of course a dance floor. Zaklęte Rewiry in Wroclaw (Eng.: enchanted district) met the brief perfectly.

With the venue set, the final menu was a revelation….

Appetizer: Chef’s Surprise

Our master chefs pulled out all the stops for an unforgettable start to the day.

The party spilt into 10 groups with a specific task: to prepare a 3-minute silent movie about company life. To spice it up a bit, each group had 10 words and 10 props to include in the film. As expected, the Objectivity employees turned out to be born movie stars, with overacting worthy of a Monty Python comedy. Film topics included everyday subjects such as office romance, organ transplants and the secret life of ninja agile developer monks.

Soup Course: Chicken Soup for the Soul

After the excitement of the appetizer, everyone was ready for some sustenance. This came in the form of the magnificent seven; the bravest in Objectivity delivering their TED speeches to the assembled 200. We believe in lifelong learning at Objectivity, and the topics did not disappoint. We heard about antifragility, chicken training, quantum physics and generation gaps along with self-improvement and the history of Objectivity. A feast for the eyes and ears!

Main Course: Fiennes Dining

The main course is always the highlight and the talking point of any menu, and our master chefs did not disappoint. Our guest of honour was sir Ranulph Fiennes, described as the world’s greatest living explorer. For 90 minutes, he took us through unthinkable peril in the coldest and most dangerous places on Earth, delivered with his trademark acerbic wit and deadpan expression. A sheer delight and inspiration to us all.

Dessert: Cocktails and Capers

All the best menus finish with something sweet, preferably with a cherry on the top. After 12 hours of active participation in such an amazing event, it was time to kick back, put on our dancing shoes and celebrate the joy of Christmas in the company of friends.